10 ways to know for sure if you’re a Comfort Pig

May 14, 2009

  1. You refuse to deny yourself at least one Comfort Moment in each day.
  2. You schedule your Comfort Moments in your diary!
  3. You figure your Comfort Items into your budget.
  4. You experience food cravings … and act upon them.
  5. You seek out and actively participate in uncomfortable activities – thrill sports, public speaking, blind dates, dental appointments – because you know you can always rely on your Comfort Moments to bring balance back to your life afterwards.
  6. cat being pettedYou can indulge in a Comfort Moment at any time and at any place you choose.  It’s a skill that you developed by sheer determination!
  7. You can spot a fellow Comfort Pig in a checkout queue, an aeroplane seat, the back of the classroom, the noisy party or the office car park without exchanging a word.
  8. You make unusual noises when you are indulging in your Comfort Moment.
  9. You totally get why cats purr.
  10. You’ve developed your own purr capabilities.

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